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FAKE SCIENCE: An Astonishing One-Third of all FDA-Approved Drugs Turn Out to Have Serious Safety Problems

No surprise here…same old deception different day

Deus Nexus | by:Ethan Huff

One of the most common arguments that skeptics of so-called “alternative” medicine make in opposition to its legitimacy is that much of it hasn’t undergone the same safety and clinical trial process – the supposed “gold standard” of science-based medicine – as pharmaceutical-based allopathic medicine. But new research out of Yale University just about dashes the entire drug approval process to pieces, revealing that an astounding one-third of all pharmaceutical drugs approved by the government as safe and effective later turn out to be dangerous or ineffective.

Based on a cohort of data they collected on new drug approvals issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) between 2001 and 2010, with follow-up through 2017, researchers from Yale learned that about 32 percent of these approvals are misappropriated. As safety problems became apparent following their approval by the FDA, all of the…

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Why Russia has become the number-one target in the US press

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Why Russia has become the number-one target in the US press

By Jon Rappoport

The new devil in the US press, as of last summer, was Russia. All of a sudden. And then, in the wake of the election, the devil became the DEVIL. Was this nothing more than an attempt to discredit Trump and his victory?

No. It was definitely something more.

As David Icke stated on the Richie Allen show a few days ago, Russia was the player who was standing in the way of the long-term goal to get rid of Assad in Syria and turn the country into a hellhole like Libya.

The US government and its allies had created, funded, and armed the group called ISIS, the proxy force for, among other operations, wiping out the Assad government in Syria. The Syria op was a slam-dunk…until it wasn’t. Until Putin stepped in and gave air…

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VT Reports: Trump Humilated, Syria Shoots Down 34 of 59 Cruise Missiles

Give PEACE a chance!!!! Stop the insanity!

Deus Nexus

Source:Veterans Today | by 

Editor’s note:  It is OK for an American to feel good, elated even, if something evil “done in our name” fails.  

By Gordon Duff with Dr. Bassam Barakat, Damascus with Press TV Tehran

Breaking:  Since putting this story up, Syrian officials agreed to talk to us about this.  The reason this story was withheld is explained below, but as “the gloves are off,” we are going public.  America’s failure to upgrade its cruise missiles, to harden them against modern ECM and to assume that Syria was defenseless is only part of the story.  We might remind readers of the USS Donald Cook as well.  America is lucky it didn’t have to tow its two destroyers home, after all, it has happened before.

Tomahawk cruise missile fell, guidance system disabled, 40 miles from target

Example of type

The last time the US…

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Pentagon Insider Reaches Out To Victurus Libertas About Bombings

Deus Nexus

Source:Victurus Libertas

Q. Its uncanny how you were predicting the following. Last year, you stated that Israel, Turkey, Isis, Saudis were all in league with CIA, Mossad Mi6, and that the common goal was to take down Assad. You urged us to watch McCain, Graham, Rubio and Hillary. You warned us that if Trump was elected, he would either destroy the Deep State, or be swallowed by it. Everything you have predicted has come true. How did you know?

A. Its not divine knowledge. Its a logical conclusion based on prior actions of the moving chess pieces.

Q. Was the chemical attack a false flag?

A. Of course it was. McCain, Graham and Brennan hired Al Nusra, whom we call the “Poor man’s day laborers”.  These monsters work for cheap and are readily available.  Rumor has it the false flag costs McCain under $100k to do.

Q. You have…

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Brazilian Student Disappears Leaving Behind a Room Covered in Coded Texts and Occult Symbols

Interesting story….

Deus Nexus

Source: The Vigilant Citizen, April 5, 2017

A Brazilian student has mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a locked room covered in encrypted texts, 14 handwritten books and a massive statue of occultist Giordano Bruno.

Bruno Borges, a 24-year-old student from Brazil, reportedly vanished on March 27th after completing a secretive project consisting of thousands of pages of encrypted texts combined with mysterious symbols. Along with references to the Bible, alchemy, demonology and Leonardo da Vinci, Borges left a bizarre painting of him with an alien – prompting some people to conclude that he was … abducted by aliens.

Borges was reportedly asking people to invest in his secretive project without disclosing any information about it. He told his mother he was writing 14 books that would change humanity in a good way. After receiving $6500 (R$20.000) from his cousin, he was able to finish his project.

Here are pictures of this…

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Communicating With Spirit: Overcoming 8 Common Frustrations

Deus Nexus

“Awake in a Silver Land” by Cameron Gray

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

The process by which we connect with Spirit may feel completely inside-out compared to our understanding of how we operate in the physical, external world.  The rules may even seem foreign and frustrating. Unfortunately, communication is not as easy as dialing a phone number or typing an email address. Instead, we have to become the phone, or more accurately the radio, and connect to our inner guides by attempting to match their frequency.

The realm of your spirit guides, your angels, and your higher self is the exact opposite of this modern physical world that we are accustomed to living in, making it all the more difficult for some of us to know how to reconnect. Our world is loud and noisy, full of distractions. In comparison, the spiritual realm is tranquil, focused, and silent.

Our world is rudely in…

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