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“Awake in a Silver Land” by Cameron Gray

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

The process by which we connect with Spirit may feel completely inside-out compared to our understanding of how we operate in the physical, external world.  The rules may even seem foreign and frustrating. Unfortunately, communication is not as easy as dialing a phone number or typing an email address. Instead, we have to become the phone, or more accurately the radio, and connect to our inner guides by attempting to match their frequency.

The realm of your spirit guides, your angels, and your higher self is the exact opposite of this modern physical world that we are accustomed to living in, making it all the more difficult for some of us to know how to reconnect. Our world is loud and noisy, full of distractions. In comparison, the spiritual realm is tranquil, focused, and silent.

Our world is rudely in…

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