2012 Patriot

Russian Troops Training On Streets Of Hartford?
June 25, 2012 5:00

My dear friend, prophet Linda Newkirk usually demonstrates very keen discernment when it comes to spotting the tactics of the Satanic New World Order. I have learned to sit up and take notice when she points something out.

Linda informed me today that after she watched the video of the troops in Hartford Connecticut that she suspected that the troops were actually some of the Russians who have been brought into America to confiscate guns and transport Americans to the concentration camps. Some believe that there maybe at this time up to 90.000 Russian troops in America.

I believe her suspicions are right on the money. The troops not only look Russian, what is with them carrying sticks? Why are they not armed as most troops are. Why the non-descript uniforms? What is the purpose of moving the people…

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