Trump “Rocks”…loving it!

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trump_to_cnn_your_organization_terrible Trump to CNN… “Your organization is terrible”

Well, this is one that’s actually written by me, rather than a re-post of one from someone else. I got quite wonderfully amused by The Donald calling out a CNN reporter who continually (and rudely, according to Donald) interrupted as he was pointing his finger to another reporter. So I’ve written a short piece, with a whole slew of videos that give a description of how this indicates that the MSM is imploding.


Why Donald Trump calling CNN ‘Fake News’ yesterday is such a wonderful thing!

It was quite a thrill, for myself, at least, to see Donald Trump call out CNN as “fake news” yesterday. Video after video showed up with the snippet above included. As the CNN reporter said at the end, “This is not appropriate”. I totally agree… it was not appropriate, it was not “politically correct”, and…

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