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veterans_today_jim_dean_banner_49This piece by Jim Dean is really very instructive. I believe what is happening to THE USA CORPORATION is very similar to what happened with the Roman Empire (and possibly others. An alternative title might be,

“An Outline of how a Dying Empire tries to Save its Rear End yet Keeps Digging a Bigger and Bigger Hole for Itself”

In any event, I found this article very instructive about how the “Fall of the USA CORP Empire” is manifesting.

“Putin and Lavrov’s “rope-a-dope” tactic of letting the West and its media bash away at Russia endlessly seems to have worked, because the West is losing the credibility war. The proof is growing like weeds all over the alternative media. One of the latest examples had Germany making cheap charges against RT for being a propaganda mill. Apparently, someone forgot to tell Germany that the CIA has had German media infiltrated…

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