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To writers and aspiring writers

By Jon Rappoport

It may sound strange in this era of the exploding internet, but we need more writers. Many more.

We need people who are inspired to develop their own voice, their own unique approach.

We don’t need more cookie-cutter. There is enough of that.

The world needs to learn that UNIQUE VOICE is the magic that unseats conventional reality all the way down to its foundation.

That has always been one of the central jobs of the writer.

In this day and age, we are losing so much of that electricity people don’t even realize what it is. They equate writing with information, as if the two were the same. If you try to dissuade them, they give you a blank look.

Without trying to re-visit many pieces I’ve written about mind control…conventional reality is achieved through ongoing mass hypnosis. The trance induces…

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