Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Editor’s Note: This post is not an endorsement of the IPCC version of CO2 climate change. The points of the discussion are: (1) the decrease in ocean phytoplankton that could be due to decades of aerosol dumps that have infected the phytoplankton and other ocean life with nano-particulates of heavy metals (2) associated decrease in sunlight (Global Dimming) that suppresses normal photosynthesis and production of  the global oxygen supply. (3) Global Dimming due to deliberate deployment of carbonaceous aerosols that do not reflect sunlight back into space is a  form of SRM (solar radiation management) as covert climate engineering, that increases surface temperatures and aggravates so-called “global warming”.  The reality that contrails and artificial clouds act to warm the climate was documented in 1999 by Joyce Penner, PhD. (Source)

By Paul Beckwith (Website)

Paul Beckwith MugCombustion of fossil fuels causes oxygen to decrease in the atmosphere and ocean system. As does deforestation, exponential population growth and…

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