If a person runs why do they think they have the right to shoot someone in the back?? No excuses. Do they not have detective skills to find someone? They have an unsurpassed power trip on going…if they say jump you better jump cos if you dont the consequences are grave. Its not right unless someone hurt another and that one should not be the cop doing the hurting!

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MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Some 965 US citizens were fatally shot by US policemen, 564 of whom were armed with a gun, The Washington Post study published Saturday revealed.


According to the newspaper, almost 100 people did not have a weapon of any kind during a confrontation with police.

The study also suggested that race remains one of the main reasons of police brutality, as 40 percent of fatal police shootings were aimed at unarmed black men.

Overall, people who died from a bullet fired by policemen were either bearing arms, suicidal, mentally troubled, or refused to halt at police’s request and ran, the report said.

Over the past year, the United States has seen numerous protests following high-profile cases of police brutality around the country. The incidents have set off mass protests around the country and triggered a national debate about racial inequality and police violence in African-American communities.

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