The truth behind the puppets…

Deus Nexus | by Lyuba Lulko

The US presidential elections are funded by a small group of people. They are an invisible force, which controls not only the American, but also global policy. These people make up two clans, that have their proteges both among the Republicans and among the Democrats. That is why Hillary Clinton does not like Obama, and Trump hates everyone.

In 2012 a group of billionaires spent about 6 billion dollars for the election campaign, Larry Lessig, Juris Doctor in law at Harvard University says. The expert predicts that the next elections will draw about 10 billion dollars. As New York Times reported, about 400 of the richest US families have gathered so far more than a half funds for the presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton, for example, has about 2,5 billion dollars.

However, the Republican Donald Trump shocks the society confessing that he “bought” the Hillary presence at…

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