Everything they have told us has been a lie…no matter where you turn all lies but the truth is manifesting and change is on the horizon

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A Reply from Judge Anna Concerning Recent German Revelations About the Holocaust

The Truth is that almost everyone whose family comes from Western Europe or the British Isles is “Jewish” in the ethnographic sense— and I can readily prove it, both with DNA and with other evidence. The Seed of Abraham has spread around the world to every nation—- “as the sand of the sea” —and is not identifiable by or “the same as” the religion of Judaism or its Followers.

You must remember that the Enemy we all face works by a process of mirroring information back at us, by semantic deceit, and by imposing false assumptions on our minds through a process of labeling, contrast, and duality.

Thus you are fed the labels “Nazi” and “Jew” and the contrast of “Evil” and “Good” and the duality of “Fat Cats” and “Victims”.

It is the third set of factors…

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