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Global Research, June 21, 2015
Progressive Radio Network 15 June 2015

vaccine-300x225A visit to the village of Berkeley in the UK will bring you to the home of Dr. Edward Jenner, the founder and venerated saint of vaccination.  On the property’s garden, there’s a small stone thatched hut where Jenner administered his smallpox vaccine to poor local residents.  He named the building The Temple of Vaccinia.  Today, the “shrine” carries a fanatical significance for followers of “evidence based medicine” and the most staunch pro-vaccine advocates with all of the trappings of a religious cult.  Yet history shows this was a man who launched a scientific engineered plaque upon the global community. In 2011, this sanctuary was reopened to the public by none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.[1] So adored is Jenner by Bill Gates and his colleagues would forcefully vaccinate…

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