The problem revealed and let’s not forget Clarence Thomas…the Supreme Court Judge or guess who backed Obama financially??? There is a revolving door between govt positions and Monsanto positions

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Global Research, May 29, 2015

corn_crop_gmo_735_350-level-400x190In case it didn’t make it to your news table, the United States Department of Agriculture (headed by Tom Vilsack, Monsanto’s best buddy) has recently (in January) approved two more Monsanto-owned genetically modified crops – new strains of both GM corn and soy. Is it any question now who is running our government in the US? Monsanto is calling the shots, not the people who vote for Congress and Senate members.

“Today [January], the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the sale and planting of Monsanto’s genetically engineered dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. This approval follows that of 2,4-D tolerant soybeans and corn, billed as the next generation of herbicide-tolerant crops to tackle glyphosate (Roundup)-resistant weeds. Dicamba-tolerant soy and cotton are simply the latest example of USDA’s allegiance to the biotechnology industry and dependence upon chemical solutions. This continues the disturbing trend of…

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