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veterans_today_banner_NEW_101veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_39This article by Gordon presents a powerful video. It tells many many outright “in your face” truths about this surface culture the western cabal (and others) have created. It’s all back-dropped in English, so it can be readily understood. Amazing information.

When it addresses “consumerism”, I am of the mind that it depends on how “things” are viewed… as a “need”, or as a “tool”. Overall, some of us may possess many less “things” than we used to, but now what is used by us are viewed as tools, or means to an end. I suppose that’s all a part of that “Inner Growth” thing.



Reality According to North Korea
someone seems to have our number, as it were

By Gordon Duff Senior Editor

A reader sent me the video from 2012. I watched. I didn’t expect it but I should have. I know we are screwed…

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