False Flags everywhere….


False Flag No: 3. Japan`s Turn.

http://www.transformtofreedom.com Posted by, E. Sabino. Jan` 28th 2015

Amid the rushing through of parliamentary elections, #antiterrorist #laws, reintroduced patriotic indoctrination and voluntary – probably soon to become compulsory – #military #service into the #classroom, all aimed, apparently, at reestablishing the #totalitarian #agenda in 19th & 20th century #Japan, #Shinzo #Abe would appear to be the felacio-boy that we`ve become accustomed to expecting from the Satanic Cabal that is still the running planet…into the ground.

When 200 millie is at stake, you`d think they could have sprung for better actors than #Jihad #Johnny, and the two muppets trying a little too hard to look even more pathetic than they are in real life. And it would surprise me, to the point of heart-attack, if the average Japanese moron even gives this footage a second glance. Blind obedience to authority being the traditional Japanese Mantra. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/01/28/national/response-to-hostages-reveals-naivety-amid-push-for-global-security-role/#.VMhP5Ety9Zg

As soon…

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