Battleships disappear …well now isn’t that planet peaceful intervention boohaha

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montague_keen_veronica41This is a message with many heartening-for-humanity points. I especially enjoyed the part about “disappearing ships”. “Philadelphia Experiments” anyone?

“…The plans of the Cabal have not been successful. They have not been allowed to start World War 3. Yes, dear, it is true that BATTLESHIPS have been LIFTED OFF PLANET EARTH and placed where they can do no harm. Ships from the US, the UK, Germany, and of course, Israel. They are at a loss as to where their ships have gone. No longer will they be allowed to wage war in their efforts to bring about world domination.

“Many of you have donated to the fund that will help us to set up the Centres in your world. These will help you through the difficult times when all that you take for granted today will be no longer be available to you. You need to learn to be self-sufficient…

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