2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Veronica: Gabriel, who is a Director of the Montague Keen Foundation described what he received in meditation: Very interesting  — we were successful!!!


Gabriel: Veronica I’ll do my best to describe what I can see.

Yesterday I could see that a shaft of light had risen to the sky, but there was a shaft descending also. On the outside of the shaft of light there were two spiraling shafts of light, but flowing counter to each other. The colours were predominantly and powerfully White and Violet, but I know that there were other rays there also.

From closer to the base the energy was expanding outwards in 360 degrees, some what like a ‘doughnut’ shape. Even this ‘doughnut’ had multiple colours and intriguing designs, which I cannot put into words, let alone draw. As this energy passed through me I could feel my body tingling and vibrating to it. It…

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