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tolec_andromeda_council_home_image26I received a notice from Tolec yesterday about this. Here is the link. Tolec sent the following to me as what he considers the main highlights, from his point of view.

“Yes, David Wilcock is correct in his assessment & dream interpretations. And, it is likely we will need continued help [intervention] from a benevolent, higher, “divine power”… to rid ourselves, to clean our global society, from years of an entrenched, malevolent power structure.

“Even so, much is still yet to be accomplished. We as a society must continue to push forward. We must do more. We must take added responsibility, initiative & actions to reclaim our freedom, our lives & our planet… for our people, our children & our future. We must do these things if we are to evolve in a healthy balanced manner in all areas of our lives. And we must do these things……

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