GFP Newsletter – 2/21/2014 | The Galactic Free Press.

I have known people who have this same experience and believe this article to be true and the many health benefits of cannabis have been suppressed.  It was not in the interests of those in power to be truthful about this plant!  If you have a depopulation agenda…would you want a substance that helps to bring balance or an expansion of thinking?  Of course not, and now as the truth comes out,  the hand behind the curtain gets exposed and it starts with Big Pharma and a few other large industries that find cannabis/hemp a threat to their financial purse strings.  The many ..thousands of uses for this ecologically sound plants could transform our the planet without GMO’s! Medicine, paper, textiles, food fiber and protein, essential fats (Omega 3’s)…just to name a few. I posted an article of 50,000 uses of hemp alone..totally amazing!  Why is this plant against the laws of nations? Because they care about your health??? Hardly! Get real and get informed!  The truth is out there.