Research Tools for Digital Truth Sleuths

Patriots for Truth

The headline below will take you to Americans for Innovation that has developed an amazing research tool that you can use to identify Senior Executive Services members.

It also contains a Crimeline with its own search feature that is a mind-blowing 17 years- worth of research that the ‘white hats’ have done so that internet research sleuths have access to thousands of documents that can be used as indictable evidence for thousands of D. C. criminals.

Bookmark this page to save these research tools.


Senior Executive Service (SES) is ~10,000 Deep State shadow government employees who are sabotaging the American Republic for the globalist agenda.


Download, study and share the “Crimeline” widely


The amazing research team at Americans for Innovation created a research tool for you to find SES employees in the Plum Book. In order to…

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St. Paddy’s Day Headlines & Updates [videos] ~ March 17, 2018


Molly over at Starship Earth is a seasoned journalist and does a  tremendous job at covering the current status on or globe, as well as providing background on why our world WILL and IS changing for the better on a sudden basis. Many of the spiritually inclined think our consciousness evolution is baond to change somewhat soon; it cannot come quickly enough for me!

Are you feeling the difference in the air? I AM and am inclined to believe this is for a good reason. I report both spiritual and geo-polical news daily and am seeing fewer stories to report in both areas. War, and rumors of war, are now being replaced by stories of peace which is so pleasant to see.

tptw (the powers that were)are trying  like all get-out to start a fresh conflict in the Middle East with the British leading this charge…bit it ain’t happening! Saudi…

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Lisa Transcendence Brown: Current Photonic Energies Increase: Your Electromagnetic Field PULLS Realities to You – These are called “Experiences” ~ March 17, 2018



Wide open and off the charts… Gateways open wider and more…
Ultra-high photonic charging frequency winds super-charging/activating more Crystalline/Christed Consciousness DNA. Gamma in the mix to over-stimulate (there are many purposes for this that are necessary to “push” and clear). Cosmic HEART Rays blasting away and activating in every way.Your body Acceleration has begun again… observe yourself, your reality, your body and honor what is appropriate for you. Let go of the old beliefs and open up to NEW “reasons” instead (alternate realities) for what/why/how all is occurring and see the PURPOSES instead. ↓↓↓

These weave and wave and relax, while gamma does the opposite…. Charging your Star-Light Particles and Waves to open your own heart more, raise the overall vibrational frequency more and more and more. ♫These are each’s veils lifting, these are each’s suppression emerging, these are dismantling the old codes to replace them with new ones…

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“Event” Clues: Before, After & During

Winging with Whitehawk

a-new-earthI’m posting these two videos as fast as I can type, lol. Allison Coe’s latest, sharing info she’s received from QHHT clients re: what they “received” from their higher selves re: ascension specifics.

Below Allison’s video is another one of a woman in Canada who has been having telepathic communication with her deceased son about what he knows … and the ‘healing domes’ he’s been building to help ‘sleepers’ adapt to a situation they never knew was coming.

It seems we are ON THE CUSP now… much love, Whitehawk

From Allison:

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Experiment Demonstrates the Deadly Power of Social Compliance


Deus Nexus

An interesting article below from Waking Times that seems to miss a major point. While the Netflix documentary in question, though seemingly unscientific and sensationalistic, if even real, may raise some interesting social questions about individual compliance to authority, as originally demonstrated by the infamous Milgram experiment, there’s little doubt this program is also serving some occult agenda, as evidenced by the promotional picture depicting the well-recognized Masonic/illuminati hand gesture in the shape of a pyramid, a shape that is entirely unnecessary to depict hands actually pushing.

This has become a favorite hand signal used by celebrities and the elite. Here are Beyonce and Jay Z flashing the sign.

And here is Warren Buffet flashing the hand sign.

I haven’t seen this Netflix program, however just watching the trailer (below) it feels rather sadistic, this psychological experiment being conducted upon an unsuspecting person. Even if this experiment is totally…

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Message For Lightworker’s

Encouraging message


This reading is for Lightworker’s. The reading is concentrating on the upcoming Event and our mission.  My  readings indicate it will be the 3rd week of March. We all know time is iffy to pin down. It constantly changes. I have been keeping up with it and in the last week the time has not changed.

I will tell which card, the position, the meaning and my interpretation. I used the Celtic Cross 10 card spread. I also used my new Steampunk deck with is very spiritual. Although I didn’t know it when I bought it a week ago.

My question for the reading was: A Message for Lightworker’s

3 of Cups   position representing Lightworker’s and also the present

A spontaneous unexpected joy or pleasure will happen. Lightworker’s will be brought together honoring each other, our past achievements, accomplishments and our future intentions.

I think describes how Lightworker’s will feel when…

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Nonduality and Mindfulness — Two Great Traditions that Go Great Together


Deus Nexus

Source:Science & Nonduality| byMichael Taft

In the context of American spiritual practice nondual traditions and mindfulness traditions appear to be in sharp contrast. Nonduality is often associated with the “doing nothing” schools of meditation, and mindfulness meditation is often very effortful. Mindfulness meditation masters commonly refuse to even discuss enlightenment, whereas nondual teachers never stop talking about how we’re already enlightened.

At the extremes, these two traditions can become very critical of each other. Some nondualists think that mindfulness meditators are caught in the trap of working hard to get somewhere, and end up just building a meditator ego to replace their everyday ego. Some mindfulness practitioners think that nondualists are just playing a recursive word game (“Who is playing a word game?”) and narcissistically kidding themselves about how enlightened they are, while complacently denying their own foibles.

It’s a shame that these two wisdom traditions—especially in…

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